6.1.1 Vision and Mission of Institution

6.1.2 Decentralization and participative management

6.2.1 Strategies plan- Online admission

6.2.2 Institution Organogram

6.2.3 ERP Documents

6.2.3 Implementation of e-governance

6.3.1 Welfare measures for teaching and non teaching staff

6.3.3 Training for teaching & Nonteaching

6.3.4 Certificates OC RC STC

6.3.4 IQAC report on OC, RC STC

6.5.1 Quality assurance strategies

6.5.2 Learning outcomes of IQAC

6.5.3 Certificates NIRF AISHE

6.5.3 IQAC Collabrartive initiatives

6.5.3-A   Annual Report of Departments 

6.5.3-B  Annual Report of Committees.